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  • Year - The drop down will allow you to search by the year the resolution was passed. You can narrow your search by using this drop down along with other fields to limit your searches to that specific year.
  • Res.No. - This field allows you to enter a specific resolution number (ex. 120). Use in combination with the year drop down to quickly find the exact resolution you're looking for.
  • Committee - This finds matches for the Committee which adopted the resolution. You may enter multiple full, or partial words, each separated by a space.
  • Keywords - This field will find word matches in the content or description of pdf documents. You may use quotes to find exact matches like "Sullivan County" as well as single words, seperated by spaces to find results with all words, in any order of appearance. Make sure to use an open " and close " around a search term, or the field will be skipped in your search and a warning will appear.

Additional Information:

  • Use of "special characters" such as +%,\'<?, etc should be avoided in searches. These characters will be ignored when searching.